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Kung Fu

White Dragon teaches a powerful and practical style of Kung Fu called Choy Li Fut. Choy Li Fut is unsurpassed as a practical self-defense system because of its unique versatility. One of the most popular systems in mainland China, Choy Li Fut is one of the few Kung Fu styles that combines the in-close fighting and hand techniques of traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu with the kicking and fast moving footwork found in Northern styles. In addition to kicking and striking, Choy Li Fut also includes the study of joint locking, pressure points, and ground fighting. Choy Li Fut also includes the study of a wide variety of traditional Chinese weapons.

Sometimes called Chinese Kickboxing, Kung Fu is one of the oldest Asian self-defense systems dating back to the Shaolin Temple over 1500 years ago. In addition to being one of the oldest and most effective forms of self-defense, Kung Fu is well known for its many extraordinary health benefits. Learn more about the history of Choy Li Fut.

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