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Classes for 50 & Up

White Dragon's program for the mature student centers on maintaining and strengthening mind and body. Our Tai Chi and traditional Kung Fu Programs provide a comprehensive workout at intensity levels appropriate for the older student.

Aside from being highly practical self-defense systems, Kung Fu and Tai Chi are also well known for their outstanding health benefits. Designed over 1500 years ago as a way to increase longevity, both systems are excellent for relieving stress, building cardiovascular fitness, improving digestion, lowering blood pressure, improving balance, and increasing flexibility and strength.

Begin adding healthy years to your life. Let one of our professional instructors customize a training program just for you. Get started today with a complimentary personal training session plus a free week of classes by clicking on our Free Guest Pass.

White Dragon Martial Arts – Train Hard, Live Better!

50 & Up 50 & Up Tai Chi Class