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Wilder Gomez

Chief Instructor - White Dragon Clairemont

5953 Balboa Ave.
San Diego, CA 92111

At the age of seven, I immigrated to the United States along with my family from Guatemala. Since English was not my first language, I experienced many challenges that lasted well through my high school years. So, to boost my confidence and to fulfill a lifelong goal of learning martial arts, I joined the White Dragon School in Clairemont In December of 2008.

Learning martial arts has been a life changing experience. I have found the training to be both challenging and greatly rewarding.

After several years of diligent practice, I was invited to join White Dragon’s Instructor Training program. Shortly after, I became a student of Tai-Sifu Ben Stanley. His guidance introduced me to a new level of hard work, dedication, and an emphasis on continued learning. He also taught me how to test and push myself through competition. Over the years, I have been fortunate to earn many medals in both forms and combative arts at events such as the annual Dragon Cup Championship in San Diego and the Plum Blossom International Championships in San Francisco. In 2015, I achieved the overall Grand Champion Award at the White Dragon Instructors Tournament.

The training has not only enriched my martial arts skills, but it has also opened doors to the vibrant tradition of Chinese Lion Dance. I have had the opportunity of showcasing this art at prestigious venues, including the San Diego Chinese Lunar New Year Fair and the White Dragon’s Annual Masters Exhibition. Today, as a teacher and the team co-captain, I share the joy of lion dancing with numerous students.

Teaching has been more than just a professional effort for me. It has become a path for personal growth. By sharing my experience with my students, I have discovered new capabilities. This valuable exchange has given many unexpected opportunities for self-reflection and improvement. Teaching has become an integral part of my journey.

In 2023 and after 15 years of hard work, I was promoted to the level of Chief Instructor by the Founder of White Dragon Schools, Master Nathan Fisher. Currently, I hold a 3rd Degree Senior Black Sash in Choy Li Fut, and a 2nd Degree Senior Black Sash in Yang Style Tai Chi. These significant milestones position me at the forefront of guiding and inspiring the next generation of martial artists within the esteemed White Dragon community.

Today, I am committed to refining my skills and contributing to the authentic legacy of martial arts at White Dragon. The future holds exciting opportunities for both personal and professional development, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of shaping the martial arts landscape for years to come.

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