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Training for Life

Adult Students Working on Ground Fighting Techniques During a Grappling Class

Training for Life

Fun and Exhilarating Kung-Fu Classes for Adults

Training for Life

Kung-Fu Personal Training for Kids

Training for Life

Transforming Lives Through Traditional Martial Arts

Imagine being able to defend yourself in almost any situation you can think of, or reaching a level of physical fitness you never thought possible. These are the essential life skills we develop at White Dragon Martial Arts, one of California’s oldest and largest martial arts schools. For almost 4 decades, we’ve been helping people transform their lives through our unique combination of Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing and MMA. Try a free week of training and discover what White Dragon can do for you!

Why White Dragon Martial Arts?

  • World Class Personal Training
  • Exhilarating Classes 6 Days a Week
  • Highly Effective Self-Defense
  • Decades of Teaching Experience
  • Friendly & Positive Instructors
  • Modern Spacious Facilities
  • 8 Locations to Serve You
  • Life Changing Experiences

Our Philosophy

At White Dragon, martial arts is not just about learning highly effective self-defense or getting into incredible shape, it’s about improving the whole person in every way possible. Traditional martial arts is a way of life, a code of conduct that guides one to lead a healthy, principled life. This philosophy is central to all the training we do at White Dragon Martial Arts.

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