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martial arts instruction at the highest level

One on One Personal Training

At White Dragon, you’ll find that learning martial arts is not only fun but easy. That’s because you’ll be working one-on-one with your own highly trained instructor, who will be there every step of the way to make your training safe, fun and successful. Whether you’re a beginner just interested in learning self-defense, or an experienced martial artist looking to push your skills to the next level, our highly qualified instructors are here to help you achieve your most ambitious goals. Regardless of your level of physical fitness, our exceptionally experienced instructors are here to guide you, at your own pace, to whatever level of mastery you desire!

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The Class Experience

Aside from the outstanding personal training, you can also expect unparalleled group class experiences. That’s because at White Dragon, you’ll be attending classes that are tailored to your specific goals and interests. Classes are divided by subject, experience level, and age to ensure that you get the most out of your group workouts.

More than that, when you join one of our classes you’ll be joining a community dedicated to the core values of health, self-discipline, positive attitude and martial arts excellence. Why not join a community dedicated to improving the whole you? Make new friends who share your goals and values and motivate you to become the very best martial artist you can be. Schedule a free trial class today and see what you’ve been missing!

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Benefits of Martial Arts Training

The benefits of martial arts training at White Dragon are innumerable. Imagine having the ability to defend yourself or your loved ones in almost any situation you can think of. What kind of self-confidence do you think you would have with that kind of skill?

Imagine being able to reach a level of physical fitness you never thought possible, with above average strength, leanness, flexibility, and endurance. Now imagine being able to easily maintain that level of fitness month after month, year after year. What kind of achievement in other areas of your life could result from that kind of superior health and self-image?

Realize that self-discipline is the key to achieving all of your most important life goals. At White Dragon, you’ll learn how to control your mind, and focus your concentration so that pushing yourself beyond mental barriers becomes effortless.

In short, the benefits of martial arts training at White Dragon are quite simply life changing. Why not experience this transformative method for yourself by trying a free class or personal training session at any of our eight San Diego or Temecula locations.

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White Dragon’s Facilities

White Dragon Schools has some of the most modern, well-equipped training facilities in the industry. Each school has multiple training halls devoted specifically to the specialized training done in each space. Other training equipment you can expect to find are: custom designed kicking bag structures, professional grade grappling mats in every training space, hand held contact bags and sparring mitts, traditional striking equipment like wooden dummies and wall mounted striking bags, padded weapons for safe interactive weapons training, and access to White Dragon’s extensive online video training site. Why not schedule a tour of a school near you today? We’d love to meet you in person and show you how White Dragon can help you achieve all your martial arts training goals.

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Learn It All in One Place

White Dragon is unique because it’s one of the few places where you can learn Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, Kickboxing, and MMA all in one place! That’s because we believe that cross-training in all of these disciplines is the very best way to become the most well-rounded martial artist you can be. What does it mean to be a well-rounded martial artist? For one, it means being able to defend yourself in any self-defense situation imaginable. For another, it means total body fitness and health, with all the strength, endurance, flexibility and leanness one would expect. And finally, it means having the kind of confidence in yourself that enables you to become the very best person you can become.

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