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Self-Defense That Works

White Dragon made its name in the martial arts industry teaching one of the world’s most effective systems of self-defense to students of any age. If you want to develop the ability to defend yourself in almost any situation imaginable, you’re going to want to train with us; because for more than three decades we’ve been a top choice for many law enforcement, U.S. military, and professional security personnel, as well as charter schools, women’s groups, and countless others who have turned to us for their self-defense needs.

Develop The Confidence to Defend Yourself

Imagine being fully confident in your ability to protect yourself or your loved ones in any kind of self-defense scenario you can think of: a knife attack, a multiple person assault, a takedown to the ground, a close-quarters attack in your car, or a home invasion. This is the kind of preparation you’ll receive at White Dragon. You’ll even learn how to use common objects like your keys, a flashlight or even a cane for self-defense!

What makes the training at White Dragon so effective is our cutting edge, personal approach to teaching self-defense. When you work one-on-one with your own highly skilled instructor, you’re able to practice a wide variety of self-defense techniques with realistic force without the risk of injuring yourself or another student. This kind of training also enables you to develop the kind of reflexes that you can depend on in potentially life-threatening situations. It’s quite simply the best way to learn self-defense. Plus, it’s fun!

Whether your goal is to learn how to defend yourself or just get in better shape, White Dragon has the training program that’s right for you. Why not experience this unique training for yourself by trying a free week of classes at any of our nine San Diego County or Temecula locations?

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Modern Martial Arts: Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga and Kenpo

Did you know that the self-defense techniques found in many of today’s most popular martial arts such as Krav Maga and Jiu-Jitsu were derived from traditional Kung Fu systems like Choy Li Fut, the specific type of kung fu taught at White Dragon Schools? Modern systems of Martial Arts’ aim to distill the self-defense knowledge of traditional Chinese systems in order to adapt them to the needs of today.  

However, systems like Krav Maga, Kenpo, and even Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu often leave out important techniques and practices found in traditional kung fu that are essential in producing a well rounded and fully capable martial artist. For example, how would a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or submission grappling student handle multiple person attacks or an armed assailant? Would the Muay Thai Kickboxing, Karate, or Boxing student be comfortable fighting on the ground, or would he or she be helpless to stop a submission grappler?

Time Tested Self-Defense Training

At White Dragon, you’ll learn how to defend yourself in any situation and at any range. From the most effective stand-up techniques like kicking and striking, to close-in fighting using elbows and knees, or even if you find yourself on the ground, you’ll develop the self-defense ability to stop an assailant. You’ll also study how to use common objects as weapons for self-defense and even how to stop armed attackers. Learn how to restrain someone using submission holds and Choy Li Fut joint-locking techniques as well as how to quickly disable multiple attackers if the situation requires.

Why not train in a school where you can develop all of these skills in one place: White Dragon Schools? Take the first step toward street readiness by stopping in at any of our eight San Diego or Temecula locations and see what you’ve been missing.

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What our students are saying about White dragon Schools

I was stepping way out of my box when I joined, I would have never thought I would be doing something like this, and not only doing it but loving it as well. It has taught me that no one else is going to make me better at something then myself. Read More
Sherry C. Student
The core values that are instilled in every member translate to the rest of life. As a member since the age of seven, I've attended White Dragon for over half of my life. While much has changed, including the friends, students Read More
Garrett L. Student
All the instructors are friendly and helpful. I have seen a huge difference in the confidence level of myself and my children since beginning lessons at White Dragon. My youngest daughter used to never leave my leg, she was painfully shy. Read More
Silver F. Student
I've been attending White Dragon's Encinitas school for many years now and have loved it from the beginning. First and foremost, Kung fu is an excellent workout for overall functional fitness, and an amazing/fun skill to learn that will increase your confidence. Read More
Jason C. Student
Ever since I enrolled my older son in classes here in 2016, we have been impressed over and over again by every aspect of this school. When my son first expressed an interest in martial arts, I took him to check out every school in San Marcos and we chose White Dragon Read More
Jessica A. Student
I signed up with White Dragon only a couple years ago, but in that time, I’ve become much more disciplined, and I'm in a WAY better place in my life. The training is fantastic because you get your own instructor teaching you one-on-one Read More
Andi D. Student
There are many martial art schools in San Diego to choose from but I'm thankful that I found and chose White Dragon. I went in thinking I would learn Tai Chi, but I learned a lot more than that. I learned history, form, posture, respect, self-defense and confidence. Read More
Stephanie R. Student
My son looks forward to his kung fu lessons and especially his private lessons because that’s where he receives individual attention. This school not only teaches him self defense, but it also empowers him to be a stronger individual and team player. Read More
Corinna W. Student
I’m enrolled in the MMA course as a student. I’ve met great people through the school and have been heavily influenced to eat better, work out correctly, and have a positive attitude to a lifestyle change that was necessary if I wanted to live past 50. Read More
Dan T. Student
Tai chi training at White Dragon, was the best gift my husband and I gave ourselves the year we turned 50. He wanted to study for the meditative aspects; I wanted some physical activity after years of none. We had no goals and no expectations. Read More
Alice S. Student
I've been attending White Dragon for about six months, and it's been a fantastic experience. All the instructors are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, the classes are fun and a great workout Read More
Will J. Student
The teachers are great, and the classes are well taught. He is almost a purple sash and can't wait to be a black belt! I started him at this school at 6 years old because he was so hyper... Read More
Pat B. Student
It's something I didn't know I was passionate about, and it's made working out challenging, intellectually engaging, and just fun (things a gym membership generally aren’t). Read More
Jacob H. Student
There is a diversity of ages and capabilities which makes training there a lot less intimidating. Instruction can be adapted based on individual goals, strengths and areas of needed improvement. Read More
Kelly B Student


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