Tai-Sifu Ben Stanley

Arming Yourself with the Laws of Self-Defense

Arming Yourself with the Laws of Self-Defense

Can You Trust Your Training? Effective self-defense training always emphasizes the teaching of situational awareness. It must offer specific instructions on how to counter the most common types of attacks such as grabs, punches, and kicks. The training should also include some groundwork. The best self-defense programs take a hands-on approach, allowing students to test…

Dragon Cup Championship 2024

Dragon Cup Championship 2024

The Dragon Cup Championship is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st, at the Jenny Craig Pavilion, University of San Diego. This competition is open to all age groups and skill levels. Consult with your instructor to benefit from early registration and to participate in this annual event!

Great Grandmaster Wong Gong

The Keeper of the Hung Sing School

Chan Cheong-Mo was the founder and chief instructor of the Sei Yup (four counties) Hung Sing School in Kong Moon City, which is now called Jiangmen. He learned Choy Li Fut from Chan Heung, the founder of Choy Li Fut kung fu, when he was a child. After Chan Heung died, he continued to study…

White Dragon Martial Arts Core Values

Our Core Values

We are passionate about helping students master the whole self by instilling the core values handed down from teacher to student for generations.


No Stance, No Art

A primary foundation of any martial art is the stance. Whether your style is from northern or southern China, is external or internal, stances are the basis for success. Although some believe agile footwork is more important than solid stances, if you train enough in all-around fighting, including wrestling, falling, and grappling techniques, you’ll find…