Yang Style Tai Chi for Seniors

Cultivate Your Inner Strength With Tai Chi

The Tai Chi program at White Dragon is one of the most comprehensive and authentic in the country because we teach the complete Yang style Tai Chi system, one of the world’s most popular forms of Tai Chi. Originating in ancient China during the Liang Dynasty, the practice of Tai Chi is one of the most effective ways to improve the health of both mind and body simultaneously.

By practicing the gently owing movements of Tai Chi, you’ll learn to relax the mind and release the mental and physical stresses of modern life that often lead to poor health. Through the practice of Tai Chi meditation, you’ll learn to calm the mind by focusing on your breathing. The goal of meditation is simply to become mindful of the power of clearing your mind and living in a more positive present. Experience these incredible health benefits for yourself by trying a free week of training on us!

Tai Chi as Martial Art

Aside from being an unparalleled system of health improvement, Tai Chi is also a martial art complete with self-defense principles and techniques. By avoiding the use of force against force, for instance, students of Tai Chi learn to control bigger and stronger opponents by using leverage and proper timing instead of brute force. Through the two-person practice of Tai Chi push-hands, students sharpen their ability to head off an opponent’s attack before it even begins! We invite you to experience this unique training for yourself.

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