Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong Seminars 2023.

Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong Seminars 2023

White Dragon Martial Arts is proud to announce the return of our yearly seminars with Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong. Open exclusively to White Dragon students, this seminar series is for the beginner and experienced martial artist alike.

Tai Chi Two Person Gym & Da Lu Push Hands (Sat & Sun 10 AM – 11:30 AM)

The next step beyond basic tai chi training is developing a keen sense of timing and distancing through various two-person exercises. This allows you to execute the correct technique in any given situation. In this rare seminar with world renown Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, you’ll learn these skills through the Tai Chi Two-Person Straight Sword Form as well as advanced Da Lu Push Hands.

Dueling Tiger Eight Diagram Hand Form (Sat & Sun 1 PM – 2:30 PM)

Choy Li Fut’s Eight Diagram forms were once taught to only Chan Heung’s closest disciples. These forms contained some of the system’s most coveted fighting strategies and tactics. For the very first time, Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong will teach the Dueling Tiger Eight Diagram hand form to the public. This is a rare chance to learn an advanced form that is also great for tournament competition.

Don’t miss this opportunity which only comes once a year. See your instructor to reserve your spot today!

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  1. Thanks Grand Master for coming down to San Diego and teaching us excellent Kung Fu and Tai Chi seminars!

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