Great Grandmaster Wong Gong at White Dragon Martial Arts

Great Grandmaster Wong Gong

Wong Gong aka Wong Ming Sang, was born in 1928 in the city of Kong Moon (Jian Men), Guangdong province of China. He began his study of Choy Li Fut Kung Fu when he was 10 years old from the famous Choy Li Fut Great-Grandmaster Chan Cheong Mo. Besides his great Kung Fu skill, he is also an expert in traditional Southern Chinese Lion Dancing . Each year when the city had its annual city parade and on all the other celebrations for different occasions, he was the lead lion head performer. He was also one of the senior instructors of Chan Cheong Mo’s Hung Sing Studios in Kong Moon city.

When he was 17 years old, he met Great-Grandmaster Chan Yen, the chief instructor of the King Mui Village’s Hung Sing studio. Wong Gong and Chan Yen got along quite well and Chan Yen invited Wong Gong to visit the King Mui Village. After Wong Gong paid respect to the original Hung Sing Studio founded by Chan Heung in 1836, he saw and admired Great-Grandmaster Chan Yen’s fighting ability and his Choy Li Fut skills. He decided to ask Chan Yen to take him as a closed-door student. Chan Yen believed he was a good martial artist and a good student and accepted Wong Gong’s request. When Wong Gong was 19 and 20 years old, he taught two branches of Hung Sing Studios for Chan Yen in the neighboring villages of King Mui as the head instructor.

In 1949, when China turned Communist, he went to Hong Kong to work as a traditional Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist. Although there were too many traditional Chinese medicine physicians in Hong Kong at that time, he was very talented and made his living as a marine seaman and worked on the ships as a carpenter and maintenance engineer for many years. Since Hong Kong was handed back over to China in 1997, he has practiced Chinese medicine as a full time profession until today.

Wong Gong learned all of Choy Li Fut’s unusual animal forms and the founder’s special weapon, the Nine Dragon trident and other advanced weapon sets from Great-Grandmaster Chan Yen. Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong is his senior student and the primary representative of his teaching outside of China.

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