Grandmaster Doc Fai Wong Seminars 2017

One of the unique things about training at White Dragon Martial Arts is that we sponsor yearly seminars with our Grandmaster, Doc Fai Wong. This means that students of all levels have the ability to work with one of the highest level Kung Fu and Tai Chi Masters in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity which comes only once a year! See your instructor for more details.

Structure of Tai Chi (Saturday Only 9am)

Experience the Tai Chi difference as Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong teaches you key internal principles that will transform and strengthen every aspect of your martial arts training. Reserve your spot for this one-day seminar today!

Tai Chi Double Fan (Sat & Sun 10:30AM)

Take your training to the next level with this rare and beautiful form! Grandmaster will teach you the advanced movements of the Chinese double fighting fans, designed to dramatically improve coordination and ambidexterity!

Tiger Blocking Fist (Sat & Sun 1:30PM)

Fast moving, evasive footwork is the hallmark of Choy Li Fut’s Tiger Blocking Cross Pattern form. This key form is a testing requirement for your 3rd Degree Brown Sash. Learn this advanced form and accelerate your progress!

Snake Tongue Spear (Sat & Sun 3PM)

Wielded by the famous warlord Zhang Fei during the Three Kingdoms period, the Snake Tongue Spear is a treasure for any advanced kung fu student! Learn this rare form directly from Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong!

Joint Locking (Sunday Only 9AM)

Mastering the art of fighting in-close is required for all Kung Fu and Tai Chi systems. Learn the fundamentals of leverage, control, and joint locking directly from Grandmaster in this action packed one-day seminar!

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